BaySys project in 2017 cancelled due to climate change

BaySys is a 4 year, $15 Million dollar comprehensive study that aims to contribute to an understanding of the relative contributions of climate change and regulation on the Hudson Bay system. The role of freshwater in Hudson Bay will be investigated through field-based experimentation coupled with climatic-hydrological-oceanographic -biogeochemical modeling. 

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In 2017 the NGCC Amundsen, along with 40 scientists and the ship crew, were re-tasked a few days into their journey into Hudson Bay to conduct another year of reserach. Due to the continued extreme ice conditions around Newfoundland and Labrador, the Amundsen was required for its icebreaking duties. This means that the BaySys project has been delayed for one year.

Read the Winnipeg Free Press article.

But, like typical scientists, nothing is a completely lost opportunity, so researchers took samples from the ice around them off the NE coast of Newfoundland before they were deposited back to land.

David Babb, one of the researchers aboard the Amundson, produced this time-lapse video of the sample collection.

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