2.1.2 Adding/Editing a dataset (resource)

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Fields marked with an asterisk are required. All other fields are optional. If N/A, leave the field blank.

  • Upload or Link*: If you are linking data then please provide the URL of the data location.  If the data is being hosted on the CanWIN click the Upload button and navigate to your dataset.
  • Dataset Name*: Provide a meaningful name for the resource. The name will assist users. 
    • Use a Time/Datestamp as part of the name. Use the date and/or time of their last update as suffix in the ISO_Format as follows:
      • [name]_YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. climatedata_2017-Mar-17)
      • [name]_YYYY-MM-DD-HHMM (climatedata_2014-Jun-1816)
  • By providing the date/time of the last update as part of the filename, the user can easily identify when
    the file has been modified without having to open the file.
  • Dataset Description*: Provide a description of the resource e.g. zipped file, 2011-2015 statistics for xx

Temporal Information

  • Temporal Coverage*: The span of time during which data were collected. Add temporal coverage in one of the following formats (start date/end date; if data collection is ongoing, leave the end date blank):
    • MM-DD-YYYY
    • Click on the arrow on the right-hand side of the field to access a drop down calendar  (click to view a larger image)

Add date in ckan

  • Date Last Revision: Last date data was revised (uploaded). Same format as above (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Maintenance and Update Frequency*: The frequency with which dataset is published or updated.
    • Choose from: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Annually, Unknown, Irregular, None Planned
  • Version: Version of dataset (starts at 1.0)

Geographic Information


  • Data Status*: Choose from: Planned, In Progress or Complete
  • DOI or other identifiers: The Digital Object Identifier is a permanent identifier PER dataset (resource). It is assigned by CanWIN. If you are updating the dataset, the DOI does not change from the original one assigned. If you already have a DOI or other identifier, please list it here.
  • File Format: CanWIN will automatically try to predict the format type if nothing is entered here. The data should be released in at least one open format e.g. CSV, XML, HTML, JSON, KML, GML, TXT, API. You can also release the native version of the data.
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