1.1 Overview

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Research datasets and tools that relate to those datasets have a value of their own, regardless of whether they are associated with published peer-reviewed literature. This means the datasets can have their own authors and digital object identifier (DOI), and their own unique description. 

On the CanWIN, a “dataset” refers to the entire metadata record for one or more resources; the dataset refers to information entered on the “Edit dataset” page. A “resource” refers to the data files you upload or link to on the “Add data” page. This may be a spreadsheet, database, document, or other resource that you wish to make available for the purpose of advancing scientific knowledge. Multiple resources may be included as part of a single dataset, depending on how you wish to define and describe your data.

Even if your data is not ready to share, you can share the “metadata” (the Who, What, When, Where and Why about your data) with others so they know what work is being conducted in an area.

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