1.4 Data levels and Best Practice Recommendations

Data Levels Modified from GLEON Best Practice Recommendations for Data Management and ODM2 core: Processing Levels Level 0 – Raw data: unprocessed data and data products that have not undergone quality control. Depending on the data type and data transmission system, raw data may be available within seconds or minutes after real-time. Examples include real-time precipitation, streamflow, and Read more about 1.4 Data levels and Best Practice Recommendations[…]

1.3 Data Delivery Method

CanWIN currently provides two ways for users to access data: hosted on CanWIN datahub (Manual Publishing) linked data to an agency portal, data service or automated data delivery (harvesting) Hosted on CanWIN Datasets can be stored and hosted on CanWIN. In this instance, files are manually uploaded to the site. Refresh of this data will require Read more about 1.3 Data Delivery Method[…]