4.1 The Data Dictionary

  Data dictionaries are used to provide detailed information about the contents of a dataset or database, such as the names of measured variables, their data types or formats, and text descriptions. A data dictionary provides a concise guide to understanding and using the data. Ideally, all CanWIN records for datasets and databases should include Read more about 4.1 The Data Dictionary[…]

3.3 Formatting Guidelines

General Rules You may provide multiple formats for the same data. Consider submitting the files used by your statistical program as they are already machine-readable. Provide data as CSV (comma-separated values) wherever possible for tabular data. In addition, you may also submit spreadsheets to capture formulas. Use standard terminology wherever possible (e.g. include both the Read more about 3.3 Formatting Guidelines[…]

3.1 Formatting your data

Information modified from the Office of the Chief Information Officer, Government of South Australia, Open Data Process Guide, 2014.  Data needs to be in a format that makes it easy to use, transform and reuse. It is important for the community to have confidence that the data they are accessing is current, reliable and well managed. Read more about 3.1 Formatting your data[…]

2.2 Additional Resources

  Additional resources should also be made available with the data to encourage use or understanding of the data.  Any additional files provided will be published alongside the dataset as a resource: research reports website links which provide context and additional information photographs or images of the subject matter e.g. sample area  pre or post Read more about 2.2 Additional Resources[…]

1.1 Overview

Research datasets and tools that relate to those datasets have a value of their own, regardless of whether they are associated with published peer-reviewed literature. This means the datasets can have their own authors and digital object identifier (DOI), and their own unique description.  On the CanWIN, a “dataset” refers to the entire metadata record Read more about 1.1 Overview[…]

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