Environment Canada Lake Winnipeg Basin Information Network Initiative


The Government of Canada is committed to the long-term sustainability of Canada's lakes and waterways to ensure that there is clean water for all Canadians, both for this, and future, generations. To this end, on August 2nd, 2012, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the launch of Phase II of the Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative (LWBI) with a five-year (2012-2017), $18 million investment through the Action Plan for Clean Water that will focus on improving water quality for people living in the region, as well as for fish and wildlife in and surrounding Lake Winnipeg.

The Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative aims to restore the ecological health of Lake Winnipeg, reduce pollution from sources such as agriculture, industry and wastewater, and improve water quality for fisheries and recreation. The Lake Winnipeg ecosystem supports an annual freshwater fishery of $50 million and a $110 million recreation and tourism industry.

Phase II (2012-2017) of the LWBI will build on the scientific accomplishments of Phase I (2008-2012) and move towards taking greater action to address water quality issues, including:

  • Targeting the stewardship program on actions and areas, that have the best possible impact on water quality;
  • Implementing greater watershed research and monitoring; and
  • Increasing emphasis on collaborative work with other governments within the watershed


The 6 Science Goals of the Initiative

  1. 1. Characterizing the Lake
  2. 2. Establishing Budgets for Nutrients
  3. 3. Assessing Sources of Nutrient Inputs to the Lake
  4. 4. Assessing the Economic Value of Water
  5. 5. Science Information Portal for Lake Winnipeg - now transferred to the University of Manitoba
  6. 6. Establishing Nutrient Objectives for Lake Winnipeg's Watershed
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