Netley-Libau Marsh digital wetland, water and vegetation cover project.

Produced for the Water Science and Technology Branch, Environment Canada by E. Watchorn

2015 images taken by Buster Welch and Greg McCullough

Data and Animations

Read Phase 1 report

An analysis of digital wetland vegetation map coverages. Produced based on aerial photography and satellite imagery Netley-Libau Marsh, 2001

Read Phase 2 report

Water and Vegetation cover in Netley-Libau Marsh 1990-2013. Phase II report: A time series analysis based on Landsat Imagery

Hi-res images

View the high resolution satellite images that produced the Netley-Libau Marsh animations

Animations over time (1979-2013 and 1999-2013).

Showing changes in marsh zone distribution, vegetation class distribution and water distribution. Animations by E.Watchorn for Environment Canada.

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